Monday, January 9, 2012

Organizing in the New Year

I am so happy. No longer does my basement crafting area resemble a rag bin! Like more than a few craft-minded persons, I tend to start projects, get excited about a new one and forget the old one, so I had a hunting bag, two men's shirts, one pair of breeches, a cap, a jacket, and several pockets that I had stuffed into bags and forgotten about before finishing, so now I'm telling myself I cannot work on a new gown until I get these things done (hey, as long as Gentleman E. is paying me in woodworked items like chairs and thread-winders, which I cannot make myself, it's a fair deal)! The thrift stores around here have proved a lovely place for fabric, so my cabinets were full of new lengths that were just tossed in them willy-nilly...and after a four-hour effort last night, they are now all color coded and I can see what I have instead of digging through boxes and bags! I have a huge thing for stripes, apparently, based on my selection over the past year and a half. Also I was given an antique wooden sewing organizer for Christmas, and I dumped out every last bag and box and gathered up all my spools of thread to put into it, with hooks and eyes, seam rippers, pinking shears, lace and ribbons. It holds a ton! And I was still motivated enough to organize all my paints (I paint illuminated manuscripts when not sewing) and pull all my reenactment clothes out of their boxes...they are sadly wrinkled so the next step is to iron them gently and hang them up...perhaps I will even dress up and take a few pictures for here.

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