Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Not. Enough. Time! :(

Alright, where do all the hours in a day go?! I am currently trimming my rose-pink gown and adding ruffles to it, but I'm thinking about lowering the neckline a bit now because it feels much too high. If I re-do it and it's too low there's always the neck handkerchief, but too high is just dowdy for my age.

My 2012 to-do list (for my own future reference more than anything) is as follows:

1. Finish trimming the rose-pink gown (self trim).
2. Possibly redo the yellow-striped anglaise with a compere stomacher, or with bands across the front to pass tails of an extra-long neck handkerchief down through. I feel like it needs some ruffles on the sleeves also but very short, plain ones.
3. Sew an en fourreau gown out of the blue/white striped fabric, with a stomacher out of the ivory pre-floral-quilted material I got from the bargain bin at Joann's.
4. Do any number of accessories: trim a new hat (pink, hopefully), embroider a satin workbag (also pink), make a couple more aprons, several more under-petticoats, make a new oversized neck-handkerchief, paint a couple more fans, possibly embroider garters...this list is getting ridiculously ambitious.

I never realized before getting into the 18th century how many clothing and accessory options there were. Between Dangerous Liaisons (the movie AND the gorgeous, droolworthy display book by the same name), The Duchess, and The Aristocrats (plus all the blogs of the ridiculously talented people right now), if I am ever bored and wanting a project, it's my own fault and laziness. I go to bed dreaming of clocked stockings and wake up thinking about whitework and shoe buckles. No other time period is going to hold the same magic for me ever again!

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