Sunday, August 19, 2012


I've been working slowly on a new work-gown of blue and light-grey stripe, and it's the first en-fourreau I have ever attempted. The fabric is at least part linen but has a rougher texture to it...this will probably end up just being a lower-class gown because of the fabric, but hey I might make detachable sleeve ruffles and make up some serpentine trim out of extra fabric for the fun of it. The back pleats are a LOT harder than I was anticipating, sadly, but they didn't turn out too badly I think. Pardon the just came out of a work bag.

And this is Max, who was "helping" me by flopping down on my fabric when I was showing the back pleats to my mother. He has a downright princely sense of entitlement so when I went to pull it out from under him, he growled. I covered him with the rest of the skirt and he took a nap. Oh dogs.