Thursday, April 14, 2011

sit, STAYS.

Thank heavens I am almost done binding my set of stays. I hate going around the tabs. They don't look fantastic to me, but they work beautifully and they are actually quite comfortable, in fact I love how I physically CANNOT slouch while wearing them. It's like always having a solid chair back to rest against. I think it may even have helped with the minor back pain I always have, at least for the twenty minutes I sat in it while finishing watching the Tudors series finale.

Also, I am done with my pocket, which turned out rather pretty. Thank goodness nobody can see the backside of it because it looks like a chimpanzee went crazy in the embroidery thread box. I will try to get pictures of the stays and the pocket up sometime soon.

Men's breeches are up next for a friend :(  Just thinking about them makes me want to cry with boredom, but we are working on a barter system; he is making me a chair (because nobody wants to sit on the ground at an event after they've worked hard to make a pretty gown). I am selfishly only interested in clothing that *I* can wear. So I might sneak some work in on the Italian Renaissance dress I am making for the St. Louis RenFaire in May.


  1. I want to see your stays!!! I'm not even attempting anything like that until I get my quasi-18th century dress done.
    And as to men's breeches, it's probably just as well they are UP next since if they were DOWN they'd create something of a riot or at the very least and disturbance of the peace. Pardon my sauciness.

  2. I am suppressing a very unladylike snortle at your turn of phrase! After all, breeches down could very well expose someone to be the butt (teehee) of a joke. Oh I am easily corrupted.

    I promise I will put pictures of the stays up very soon...they were mostly patterned by sight looking at American Duchess' lovely stays although sadly mine aren't near as pretty. She was a cheerful help by email when I had some questions so if you get around to making stays, don't hesitate to ask her anything!