Thursday, August 4, 2011

O, to be well-shod!

American Duchess recently went through a vast amount of trouble to create a beautiful 18th century dyable silk shoe for ladies (and gents!) wanting a more stylish and customizable option than basic black. I jumped at the chance and ordered the Georgianas and I am extremely pleased with the look and comfortable fit (though I haven't gotten around to dyeing them yet). Now she has come out with an even more durable leather version, also dyable, and even posted a tutorial on her blog on how to dye them. I already got my pre-order in and am desirous of spreading the news! Hurry, because the pre-order period only goes through the 10th and I got the impression that it is by no means certain that she will do another run! See below for more info!

The Devonshires are a leather 18th century shoe based on museum examples from the 1760s through 1780s.  They're made of top-grade dyable leather, with a beautiful, smooth Italian leather sole for dancing, and are hard-wearing, water- and mud-proof, for even the toughest of outdoor re-enactments.

Pre-Order the Devonshires through August 10, and get the special $100 price.  We're only making 200 of these shoes, so don't miss the chance to own one of only a couple hundred pair on the planet!  Visit to order.

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