Sunday, September 18, 2011


I am in looove with my fabric. And I think I finally have the sleeves on...more under the cut (if I can figure out how to do a cut)

My duct-tape dummy, Adeline, is out of shape right now...meaning, she got squished in the car quite a bit, so pardon her deshabille ;) She's just a duct-taped, stuffed t-shirt that I almost embarrassingly had to call someone to cut off me when I realized I might not be able to lift my shoulder high enough with the scissors. And incredibly, I had this non-working lamp that I was able to take the shade off, and when Adeline goes on top, she is EXACTLY my height. Perfect coincidence!

Bodice innards! I'm really proud of how they went together with the seams tucked under all neatly. Coal is admiring it right before he started to chew a hole. Spoiled little beast.
 I should've ironed out the wrinkles, it's a hot mess right now, but I think it has potential. I can't wait to get the skirt on and do something with the sleeves.
Adeline's not wearing it very well, but I HAVE tried it on myself with the stays and the front edges are going to lap over a tiny bit, which is what I wanted.

It's starting to take shape!

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