Monday, February 6, 2012

Blogger app? No good.

So I have an android tablet and an iphone, and there are Blogger apps for both...but they are AWFUL. I have the worst time getting to my Dashboard from them, and when I do, I can't look through all the recent posts by others. Not sure if anyone else has this problem or a solution to it, but maybe it's my fault for wanting to read blogs more than wanting to post things myself. It SHOULD be easier than this.

I am slumming it with my projects lately, just finished a grey linen petticoat and am almost done with a very light pink-checked apron for my lower-class impression. Although I did recently buy a nice curtain panel from Etsy (not as nice as Lauren's over at American Duchess, sadly, but I like it) for an upper class apron:
 The fabric has little dots all over it, and although the ground is clearly machine-created net and the dots are painted on, it's difficult to tell unless you're scrutinizing it up close, so I'm willing to make the authenticity sacrifice, because to me it looks like:

I also got an interesting plate and saucers that almost match my teacups at the thrift store. The plate itself is a little garish and crudely painted but not too far off from some of the fragments they found in the French-settled areas around here, if I'm remembering correctly.

And lastly I purchased a pocket watch for my gentleman-friend from Jas. Townsend.  I think he'll enjoy it and I will benefit when we're hanging out because neither of us will have to pull out our non-authentic cell phones to see what time it is. I certainly thought it looked sharp!

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