Monday, February 4, 2013

Interim - teapot and pocket

So I'm making decent progress on Mr. E's striped coat (I guess it's...erm...1750's...ish? We'll pretend like Simplicity patterns actually have historical dates they're aiming at) but it's buttonholes next, which I am NOT going to do by hand, forgeeet that, not for a man-coat. If he protests, I'll tell him to do his own darn buttonholes. Then I just have pockets to put in it and it'll be done, hopefully in time for his birthday on the 7th. I'm also plugging away at a boring off-white petticoat for the HSF "Under It All" challenge, and that's coming along easily since I've made a number of them. I don't want to put up any progress pics yet, but I will stick up a couple of other things because all posts need photos!

First off is the lovely little teapot won in the giveaway from Sew18thCentury...Thank you so much, dear fellow blogger! I am quite in love with it and am enjoying how it looks on my dining room table with my pewter and china! My mother came over and I was hard-pressed to keep her from taking it home with her, she was so charmed by it as well.

 And also I realized I never did put up a picture of the matelasse pockets being worn, so just a quickie of cream and pastel goodness...the pockets are bigger than my previous ones which is great because I have manhands and also like to carry a lot of un-period-correct junk around.

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