Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Saint Louis Georgians Spring Picnic

Ok, get ready for a lot of pictures and not a lot of text 😂  I won't try to spoil it with my ramblings unless I remember something. Our delightful group of sewists has been finding ways to get together that enable us to wear the pretty things we've all been working on. There are Midwest living history events, sure, but nothing that's on the fancier side other than the occasional Twelfth Night Ball.

On the picnic day, we had a nasty gloomy start (it's so hit and miss with the weather here...that's the trouble with planning way out, but you have to when people are coming to StL from as far as Milwaukee and Kansas City!). Rather than trying to tough it out, we met first at the Saint Louis Art Museum to see if the rain would taper off so we could picnic.

 Alyssa's sacque has such a beautiful shape to it, and you can read her picnic write-up at her blog here

Plenty of time for glamorous chit-chat!

 So glad the museum didn't mind us taking up a couple of the rooms and being possibly a little noisier than the average museum tour group!

 Extremely in love with Emily's charming 1790s outfit

My handsome hubby humored me by wearing the only fancy frock-coat I have ever made, and he looked not too out of place in the museum's 18th-century paneled room (despite my tailoring being awful ugh...planning to try again soon)

 No, no I didn't set off the banister alarm by getting too close to it or anything....

 Oh one day I WILL have a paneled room like this 😭

Back out in the main hall, we realized the clouds had lifted considerably!

I actually really love the 1750s/60s very full silhouette. I don't mind that it's a bit like a shapeless tent, because it makes the fabric the centerpiece, rather than my figure (or lack of)

Sunshine! We finally got some! After a delightful potluck picnic, we took quite a few pictures in the park. There were at least two bridal parties also there for photos, and I think they got quite a kick out of us in our very different type of formal clothes, haha.

 A bit wet at the hem. Thank goodness it's cotton!

 I think Emily was belting "The hiiiiillls are aliiiiive with the sound of muuusic" as she ran down towards the lake. My husband looks rather like a rake up to no good as he follows the young maiden. More on that later.

 My friends all know that I lend my husband out for mock-seductive photos a la Nicholas Lancret. He is a good sport. I can only imagine what the people in the background were thinking.

Ope, just realized this might not be a picture I took. I'm not quite sure. Possibly Jean took it? I saved so many photos onto my phone that now I don't know whose is whose, darnit.

Definitely did not take this picture. I think it must be Jean's. Thank you Jean! So nice to have some of the back of my dress!

 Much contemplation of the glorious landscape. And I'm afraid to speculate on what Kelley's child is up to on the far right 😂  He was very well-behaved though and had the cutest little banyan on!

 Emily spies the matron in yellow heading back to the boxed wine for thirds. "What sort of picnic is this, anyway?"

 I have no idea what silly jokes he was cracking here, but he is a laugh a minute and always happy to entertain. I think our sunny-colored clothing was very fitting on this day that started so wet and grey, but burst into a gorgeous and highly enjoyable event!
Don't ask me what my hair was doing here, it had given up in the car already. I think I have a better system now after much reading in the American Duchess beauty book.

Next week: a fancy banyan/dressing gown! But I'm off to Florida for a few days with a dear friend who is taking me to excited.

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