Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Ultimate Dream Shoe

I have always had a shoe fetish. There are definitely a good 60 modern pairs in my closet...most of them only cost about $1 from the thrift store though so I figure it's excusable, and I really do wear them all (If you ever read this, I DO, MOM! Truly)!

So every time the American Duchess herself, Lauren, puts out a new 18th century shoe, my bank account sighs in dismay, because it knows it is about to take a hit. I was very reluctant to spend that much money on a shoe I would only wear a few times a year at re-enactments. However, when my first pair of silk Georgianas arrived, I fell completely in love with the craftsmanship, the smooth leather sole, and the graceful shape, not to mention how incredibly comfortable they were for hours on end. Then came the Devonshires, equally perfect and in durable leather, which I had fun painting and then re-painting, and will probably re-paint again in the future.

Now comes THE shoe I have been waiting for....the Pompadour...A glorious confection of jacquard, ribbon and smooth leather, in either white (which I saw on her Facebook was EASILY dyeable) or black (which I'm getting, because I need a solid black pair of shoes but don't want boring smooth leather). Cannot WAIT for them to come in! If you're at all thinking about them...go order! Lauren needs 100 orders to put these into production and I will be heartbroken if she doesn't make it! These shoes are beautiful collectors' items, but I have no doubt will prove as durable as the silk Georgianas, which I have worn outside several times now (though they are not made for outside wear) and they have held up beautifully in grass and gravel.


  1. Nevermind anyone else being heart broken. I'LL be heart broken. I've been waiting for these shoes all my life!
    I've ordered a pair in both black and ivory.

    AND now she is doing a Pompadour giveaway!

    1. Haha! Yes I think you might be even more die-hard Pompadour than I am! Really keeping my fingers crossed that these go through...I think the latest update was that there were 46 pairs spoken for so far, and that's just after 4 days, so HOPEFULLY in the 2 weeks left, she will reach 100 easily! I'm really jealous you're getting the ivory. If I didn't desperately need black shoes I'd have gotten them in a heartbeat. Are you thinking about dyeing them? I'm so impressed with how they took just plain old RIT dye in a rich shade...gotta save up for a second pair now!

      You're welcome for the mini-review...I know I always like to see how a product held up for someone else before I buy from that seller. If you EVER consider wearing the Pompadours outside the house, just make sure you spray Scotchguard or some other kind of waterproofing on them first. My silk Georgies are pale blue, and I was really anxious about wearing them in grass but the grass stains wiped right off the Scotchguarded satin.

  2. And thanks for the review of your others and how well they have stood up!