Monday, September 22, 2014

Alas, poor Annabelle

I would apologize for my lonnnng absence but I have not the mental energy for abasement right now. Suffice it to say that severe and frequent migraines have been taking quite a toll on my sewing and I don't have a whole lot to show for the past months! Little by little I have been working on the dusk-blue sacque and hopefully will have some pictures soon. The petticoat is finished; since I've made a number of them by hand before, I thought that was the easiest bit to get going on during a time when I was barely dragging myself to and from work, but following several lovely blogger tutorials I'm doing quite well on draping the rest of the gown.

I DID manage a pair of pocket hoops though! They are regrettably mostly machine sewn, which if didn't want to resort to as I was hoping to have a totally hand-made ensemble from the underthings up, but when health is involved sometimes it's best to just admit defeat.

I also hand-sewed a white, very light cotton-linen under-petticoat to go over the panniers but under the silk petticoat, for extra floof, and it will be getting a ruffle at the bottom to help kick the silk petticoat out a little more. So I haven't been entirely idle, just unfortunately not making as much progress as I would have liked to this year :(


  1. You and me both, kid. I haven't written a post in so long, it took me a few minutes to remember which tab in Blogger opened what.

    But!!! It's good to see you! And your sub-floofers! I hope the migraines go the hell away soon.

    1. Maybe to explain our absences we should have just pretended like we fled together across Europe and have been living lavishly in 18th century chateaux dressed in finery every day...damn, I guess it's too late to do a photoshopped blog post of our imaginary escapades! Thank you for the condemnation of the migraines, I hope they wither away now in embarrassment ;) It's been quite trying of late but I think the neurologist is finally figuring out what cocktail of meds works best (not quite there yet but it's better).

    2. It's NEVER too late for an elaborate ruse. You ready the photo-shop machine; I'll dust off the pneumatic bonbon dispensary.

      For reals, feel better.

  2. I can certainly understand all types of life interference disturbing the best-laid plans for sewing! The hoops look great!